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WakeMeSki In The News!

Mentioned as one of the 5 best Skiing/Snowboarding Mobile Apps by Trail's Edge.

Thank you to everyone who used WakeMeSki in the past. Due to the fact that Ski Resort Snow Data is no longer available via page scraping (after moving to Javascript) I've discontinued work on this project. If anyone is interested in helping me develop the business case to revive this project with paid snow data please contact me. Dan

WakeMeSki is a FREE application for your Android mobile device that transforms your phone into a personalized ski or snowboard alarm clock and serves as your personal wake-up call on powder days.

The NEW snow alerts feature provides a (configurable) notification in the status bar when snow is predicted for your favorite resort in the upcoming days.

In addition to wakeup features, the WakeMeSki application also features detailed ski reports and weather reports for all supported resorts.

Download WakeMeSki from the android market using this link with your android phone, or use a barcode scanner application to scan the barcode below.